Social Media

Social media for startups

It’s 2021. There are over 4 billion people on social media – that is a lot of potential customers. If you’re not already familiar with the terms ‘hashtag’ and ‘retweet’.. don’t worry, we’re experts.

If setting up social media and keeping your content up to date is daunting, we can do it all for you.

Social media setup

Never set up a Facebook business page or Instagram account? We will tackle setting up your new social media accounts and focus on making them picture perfect for the gram while you get busy snapping!

After setting up, we will provide you with helpful tips and tricks from our Startup Library so you can focus on growing your following.

Social media management

After creating and branding your account, we can manage and grow your audience, delivering the highest-grade content so you shine amongst the competition.

We can tailor fit packages to suit your business needs, wether it’s 1 post per week, or 2 per day. Get in touch for more info.

1-2-1 tutorial

If you find yourself going round in circles trying to solve the same problem on your account, it’s probably time we paid a visit for a 1-2-1 social media tutorial. We’ll show you everthing you need to know to get snapping!

Drop us a message if you need help.